We Understand Your Pain...

We have received hundreds of emails from our customers seeking out a solution to the pain and suffering they feel. They suffer from pain, inflammation or even lack of sleep. Many of them no longer want to take expensive prescription narcotics or sleeping pills. Although we can't guarantee will work for your situation, we have so many customers that told us our products have changed their life for the better.

Why Choose Edens Herbals?


All of our products have been lab-tested for purity. Lab-testing ensures it is THC-Free, pesticides, toxins or metals.

Free Shipping

We always provide expedited free shipping to the US.


We offer support via LiveChat, phone and email. Monday - Friday 9-5 est.

Forbes Recommended

We have been listed in Forbe's Magazine as the top 10 Best Gummies.

Lowest Prices

Compare our prices and you will find we beat out the competition!. If you are paying $59 dollars or more for 1000 mg of you are paying too much.

Veteran Owned

Since we are veteran owned we take care of our veterans, police, fire and other civil service professionals.

THC-Free and Full Spectrum

We offer a full line of THC-Free products making them employment friendly. We now offer Full Spectrum Tinctures in regular and cinnamon flavors.

CO2 Extracted

Our is extracted using only the safe CO2 process. We will never use a solvent extracted product.

USA Grown Hemp

The we use has been extracted from Industrial Hemp grown in Colorado.

This Video Will Explain It All...

We Have The Solution...


This is our top selling product. We offer four potencies 1000mg, 2000mg,3000mg and 4000mg in two flavors, natural and cinnamon.


Forbes Magazine rated top 10 gummies. Our delicious gummies come in 12 fruit flavors. We offer doses in 500mg, 1000mg and 1200mg per bag.

Salve Roll-On

For ultimate hydration the salve stick will do the trick. Roll it on stiff sore joints, hands and feet.


Make your own products using Isolates. Add them to coffee, tea, cookies or whatever you can think of.

Dog Treats

Dogs love these treats. Made using peanut butter, carrots, apples and molasses.


This soothing lotion contains 1000mg of per bottle. It is great topical for localized pain in muscles or joints.

But Wait, There is More...

We want you to start living a better quality of life now. So we are starting you off with our products that are already discounted up to 30% OFF retail, AND we're including a coupon you can use to gain an additional 10% OFF our already discounted products! Add in Free Shipping and Weekend Delivery and you've got yourself our best deal yet! Use this Coupon...

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